Friday, July 2, 2010

My Vacation

So - I left on Tuesday (June 15), after my wonderful GRADUATION!!!! I was a tad bit hung over from my graduation BBQ so we had to stop a few times so I could vomit on the side of the road. Excellent start, if I do say so myself. We made it to Rocklin around 5p I believe to pick up Amberlina. She has a pretty adorable little dog. After that, we made it to SLO around 10p and we were ready for bed. The next morning, we road our bikes to Louisa's for breakfast. As we were trying to park our bikes in a, definitely overcrowded bike rack, I accidentally hit this guys chair while I was trying to park my bike. He completely overreacted and our convo went something like this:
Jerk: "what, just f*ck anyon
e who wants to sit down?" WHOA!! this caught me way off guard. I looked at him and said, Me: "I'm sorry. I was just trying to figure out how to get my bike in. I wasn't just going to leave it."
Jerk: "No you weren't. You were just knocking into things like no one else mattered."
Me: "I just needed to park my bike."

YELL YELL YELL - him mumbling rude things.
Me: "You don't need to be s
uch a dick!"
Jerk: "You're a b*tch!"
L - I'm not a huge fan of confrontations but I do not take kindly when strangers are rude to me - whether that be some random dude on the street or a customer - if you're rude to me, I will take it up a notch and beat you at your own game. And I did :) As I was maneuvering my bike, another guy came up to me and said "you just have to remember that there are still a lot of a$holes in the world. If this had gotten out of hand, I would have taken him down."
Jerk: "Take me down? For what?"
Nice guy: "For disturbing the peace"
Jerk: "She disturbed my peace!"

Nice guy: "Just grow up!"
YELL YELL YELL - nice guy apparently had some connections with police or something because he called them to come over and deal with the situation. Amber and I were a bit overwhelmed by it all so we continued on our way to breakfast. I hate SLO. :)
Anyway, after that, we just kept eating all day long - Lousia's then to Firestone (where I saw Joshy Poo and my best friend from Kindergarten) then we went out that night with Mandy, her boyfriend, and their friend. It was pretty entertaining but I won't go into that - bit inappropriate and disturbing :)
The next afternoon, we went to CPK to MEET THE BABIES!!! Sheryl and Steph's little bundles of joy. They were both so cute (I am so baby crazy lately - what happened!?) Quinten is a little chubster and Marshall is just so tiny and precious. man!
After SLO, we went to
LA BUT instead of making it to LA in the few hours we had planned, our car broke down right outside of Buellton. That's right, our lovely mini van full of 6 people, 2 bikes, and lots of luggage was dead. AWESOME! We had to get towed back to Buellton and stay the night in a weird hotel. We made the most of it and went to the bar and we were served by the cutest old man. In the morning, we had to rent 2 cars and learn that our van was never coming back to life. We cleaned it out (while Amber attempted to escape on her bike) continued our drive to LA. We missed our Friday fun day at Magic Mountain and had to postpone that till Saturday. This made us all a little pessimistic because of how busy we thought it was going to be. Luckily, it wasn't busy at all and it wasn't too hot. Our longest wait was probably about 25 minutes! It was awesome. Amber and I went on Gold Rusher so many times! (but still not enough) and went on every ride we wanted to AND made it past 7p (which, if anyone knows us, is quite the accomplishment). The next day was Father's Day and we took our dad out to Mos for yummy BBQ then to a random Italian Restaurant and got him Tiramisu (his fave dessert) and he loved it. It was a great little place - we got to sit outside in the sun and enjoy our desserts. It was quite the succssfull day. Then, we went home and, in honor of Father's Day, we had a CAGE FEST. Nicolas Cage is, after all, a dad. He should be honored :) So we watched some Nicolas Cage movies!!!! After LA, Amber and I drove back home. We stopped in SF and had dinner with Kerry, Michaelyn, Mo and Rachael. It was pretty good and so great to see them all. It's been too long. I miss them all already. Then we went to Rocklin to sleep. In the morning, it was time for me to head back to Eugene. So happy to be back in Oregon but I really miss my friends. I had such a great time with Amber and I hate living so far away. All in all, a successful trip with only a few mishaps. No big deal.
I am definitely home sick and really wish my parents would just move up here already :) LA is clearly killing them since it's AWFUL! I miss my friends and family! I love Eugene and the life I have. I feel like I've actually accomplished a goal, or two - I graduated from the UO, I have a job (th
at I don't really like), Steven has a job (that he loves) and things are looking pretty good. I'm so happy that Amber (finally) has a job and so does my mom. It's so wonderful when great things happen all at once. It's like a happy high! Plus, there was a rainbow today. Life is pretty good. :)

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