Thursday, September 15, 2011

To a fresh start

Where to begin... life has been crazy these last few weeks but AMAZING!!! I went to San Fran, Burning Man, SLO and LA for 2 1/2 weeks and wish I could go back to it all. San Francisco was awesome because I got to spend time with my friends I haven't seen in forever (but grew up with!) and we had a crazy night of karaoke. We may not see each other as much as we would like but, when we do finally get to hang out, it's always amazing. They are truly the best friends I could ever ask for. When they found out I called the wedding off, they were willing to fly me up ASAP and pay for the plane ticket. I hope they know how grateful I am to have them in my life. Just knowing that they're there for me no matter what, life is just that much easier. After being in San Fran for a few days, we headed out to Burning Man!!! This year couldn't have been more perfect. My amazing friends were there and it was awesome catching up with them. I met my kindred spirit - a 45 year old massage therapist who lives in Bend. We're gonna hang out eventually. The art was amazing and the Temple was literally breath taking! I came to a lot of realizations while out at burning man and really came back a new person. Instead of hating Steven for everything that happened between us, I actually became grateful for all that happened between Steven and I. Yeah - breaking up sucks and I am still hurting from it but I am doing a lot better. Our break up showed me who am I and what I deserve in a relationship. I was able to find out how strong I can truly be and how, no matter what, I can and will make the right decision for me. I miss him still and still cry but it's all a little bit better everyday (until October comes then I may fall apart again). Burning Man was just full of happiness, bonding with old friends and making new friends. I can't wait to go back! (unless the theme next year really is "default world"). After Burning man, I went to SLO for a few days and saw some amazing friends and my grandma then went to LA and saw my sister and Gregg's new place and got to hang out with my parents. I took the train from Sacramento so I got to hang out with my bestie and have a few drinks with her. I made so many friends on the train and was just so happy to return home. I was homeless for a few days but, after months of waiting, I'm finally in my new place. A fresh start to end this year on a positive note. I was reading a previous blog about all the things I had to look forward to this year and how excited I was and it made me sad but then I realized, I still have plenty of things to look forward. I'm a new person. I'm single. I have tons of friends and I enjoy my job (for the first time in 3 years). Perhaps this isn't where I thought I was going to be but at least I'm happy and I love my new place (and I may have a roommate which will be way fun).

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  1. Things do turn out for the best, huh. You have a lot of support and that helps a lot when you need it. Love you, baby girl. :)