Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh how things have changed

So that last post was over a year ago.  Where to begin?  That place I moved in to was awesome but then I got a stu roommate (Garhett, who I also worked with) and he turned out to be crazy.  He lost his job so I kicked him out and he moved back home. Then I got another roommate, Tim, who is amazing.  We still live together but in a different place.  We sort of got kicked out of the last place - we were pretty loud.  This new place has definitely calmed us down quite a bit which is probably a good thing.  I am still working at Starbucks and enjoy it about 80% of the time.  I am currently in a relationship with Sam and am about 9 1/2 weeks pregnant.  CRAZY!!!  
Sam is one of Tim's really good friends who, in the beginning, was the reason why we were together.  But I have really fallen for Sam.  He does so much for me and makes me so happy.  He puts up with my crazy and never leaves when we're angry.  He sticks around to fix our problem rather than running from it and that is a huge deal to me.  We're planning on moving in together in March so we can mesh our lives a bit more before the baby comes in June/July.  I'm still really freaking out about this new addition to our lives but I am also extremely looking forward to it.  Sam is going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to see him with our child.  He has such a big heart and would truly do anything for me.  Sometimes I can't believe that I am this happy.  Waking up next to him just makes my days that much better.  I can't even describe this amazing feeling I experience each and everyday with him.  He makes me laugh, he holds me when I cry (which is much more often these days - stu hormones!!!), he goes to the store all the time to get me whatever I'm craving (bananas, pineapple juice and mac&cheese are my current favorites), and he's just all around, a good person.  But enough about him :)
I have amazing friends who I kind of miss.  Since I got pregnant, I haven't been getting out of the house quite as much as I used to.  Luckily I work with most of these people but not all of them.  I do miss them but I also am pretty broke so we have a hard time figuring out what to do at times.  Finances is something that I don't like to think about because it worries me and stresses me out.  Sam wants to get a second job for the time being just to get a little extra income.  I'm kind of thinking about getting a second job too but I don't know if I could physically handle that right now.  We shall see.  
Anyway, didn't make it to burning man this year and def not going next year (I'll have a 3 month old at that point, prob not the best time to go) but we'll see about future years.  Perhaps my burns are a thing of the past.  It's crazy to think that, at this time next year, I'll have a baby.  Wow.   My parents will be coming up in a couple weeks for Christmas so that's exciting.  I'm trying to get Sam excited about the holidays - his family sort of stopped celebrating them at an early age so he has a bit of a negative outlook on them.  He knows that that'll change in time, especially with having a kid, but it'll take some time.  
Overall, life is good.  I want to get back into Social Work and volunteering but that may be a few months out.  We shall see what happens when we have our child and what sacrifices and compromises we will make.  I can not wait.

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  1. So, blogging at least once a year? haha I haven't blogged in awhile either. I hope things can work out for you and Sam as far as what you want to do and what he wants to do, especially with a child coming into the picture. You know we are always here to help when we can. Love you, baby girl. Oh, and it's raining right now. You would love it. :)